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The Play-Reading Committee for the Coshocton Footlight Players are now accepting scripts from aspiring directors for our 2024 Season. 

If you have never directed a play for the Footlight Players, the minimum qualifications one must possess to be considered to direct a production is to successfully complete a prior production in at least one of the following responsibilities at Triple Locks Theater: Assistant Director, Stage Manager, or Producer.

If you have experience directing at another venue that may be used in consideration towards your experience.

Submission Deadline is November 1, 2022. Submissions can be made to Shelley Lillibridge and you can contact her at 740-294-8645 or by email at

When submitting a play or musical - please include with a copy of the script the following submission form

Now accepting plays for the 2024 Season

2024 Play Submission Form


New Hearing Assist System

Coshocton Footlight Players has installed a hearing assistance system by SweetWater Inc. at the Triple Locks Theater. The system was purchased for $1,800 via a grant from the Montgomery Foundation.

Three choir microphones are suspended above the stage and picks up audio from actors on the stage. It feeds into a mixer to amplify and combine sounds into one signal. The mixer connects to an FM transmitter that can be picked up by anyone in the theater with an FM radio receiver and headphones. Patrons can adjust the volume as needed.

The theater has 20 receivers with a choice of over the ear or in the ear headphones. One can also bring their own headphones and receivers.

You may request a device at the concession stand. We ask for either your driver's license or $10 as a deposit which will be returned to you when you return the device.


Soon our newsletters will appear here, should you not get yours in the mail!

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